Troubleshooting the Facebook Custom Audiences Integration

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If someone is suppressed in my Klaviyo list, will this person still sync to my Facebook Custom Audience?

Yes. If Person A is suppressed in a Klaviyo list or segment, and you sync this list or segment to a custom audience, Person A will still sync to your Facebook audience. If someone is synced to a custom audience through Klaviyo, and then becomes suppressed in Klaviyo, this person will not be removed from your audience. While individuals may opt-out from email communications, you can still strategically reach these customers or subscribers through Facebook advertising leveraging Klaviyo's integration.

The number of people in my custom audience does not match the number of people in my Klaviyo list.

When you sync any given Klaviyo list or segment to a Facebook Custom Audience, there are two factors that can cause the audience to have a smaller number of profiles than your list or segment in Klaviyo.

First, it can sometimes take Facebook up to 24 hours to process profiles synced from Klaviyo. If your custom audience does not have as many profiles as you expected, make sure that you've given Facebook 24 hours to fully process all of the profiles from your sync.

Second, it is likely that a percentage of the email addresses you attempt to sync will not match with an existing Facebook account. This is why your Facebook Custom Audience size may be smaller than the linked list or segment in Klaviyo. Facebook will not return an error, but won't add any contacts who have email addresses that don't match to an existing Facebook account.

One troubleshooting step you can take is to try syncing the same list in Klaviyo to a new custom audience by selecting the Create New audience... option.

I don't see all of my audiences on the list when prompted to select one to sync.

There are different Custom Audience data sources that Facebook accepts. 

Klaviyo only supports the following subtypes when syncing with Facebook: 

  • HASHESEmail hashes or phone hashes
  • HASHES_OR_USER_IDSEmail/phone hashes or user ids
  • MULTI_HASHES: Created from multiple types of hashes at the same time
  • COPY_PASTE_EMAIL_HASHES: Emails entered manually via Facebook's Ads Manager
  • DATA_FILE: Data files

Since we aren't able to sync with other audience subtypes, we won't show them on the list of available audiences when you attempt to sync a list or segment in Klaviyo.

I'm not able to sync my list or segment to a Custom Audience.

Check that you have over 100 profiles in your list or segment. Facebook requires that you have at least 100 profiles to create a Custom Audience. 

My Facebook Audiences integration got disabled and I don't know why.

There are two main reasons why a Facebook Audiences integration might be disabled:

  • There was an authorization error
  • An action was taken in Facebook that disrupted the integration

Regarding authorization, your integration will disable due to a permissions error if you update settings in your Facebook Ads account that cause our authentication token to get revoked (i.e. if you update account password). This can also happen if different users are manipulating audiences and these users don't have full admin permissions.

There are also certain actions you can take in Facebook that will disrupt the integration and cause it to disable. A common example is if you delete an audience in Facebook that we are actively trying to sync with. Our integration will disable if we attempt to sync with a deleted audience because we can’t determine why we can’t sync with the audience; we default to assuming there is a permissions issue and an authentication error is triggered.

If you see that your integration is disabled and you aren't sure why, the best thing to do is simply re-enable the integration in Klaviyo. If your integration repeatedly disables, consider the activity you or others with access to your Ads account might be taking that could disrupt the integration. You can always contact our Success Team and we can help troubleshoot!

I'm being prompted by an error message to accept Facebook's Custom Audience Terms of Service.

This error message indicates that you need to accept Facebook's Custom Audiences Terms of Service.

Accepting TOS for a Personal Ad Account

The link you see in Klaviyo will take you to the Terms of Service (ToS) page for whichever Facebook account you are already logged into. To ensure you are accepting the ToS for the right Ads account, reference the drop-down menu in the upper left-hand corner.

Click Accept to accept the terms of service.

Accepting TOS for a Business Manager Ad Account

From Ads Manager navigate to Business Tools menu > Audiences.

In the Create Audiences dropdown, choose Custom Audience. Select Customer file, and then Add customers from your own file or copy and paste data. The Terms of Service modal pops up if you have not yet accepted Facebook's TOS.

Click I Accept to accept the TOS.

You can verify you're on the correct page if the URL follows this pattern: Note that this is not an actual link. You have to replace ACCOUNT_ID and BUSINESS_ID with your Facebook values.

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